Handmade Copper Candle Wall Hangers, Wick Dipper, 100% Organic Cotton Wash Cloths

  Copper Candle Wall Hangers, Wick Dippers & 100% Organic Cotton Wash Cloths 
 Real Copper Candle Wall Hangers
 are hand cut and soldered,
by a family member. 

 They make a wonderful gift for the candle lover in your life.

           Keep your SOyKind candles safely  burning out of reach of children, pets and curtains.

Price $40.00 includes one topper.
Prices vary from $10-$20 for additional toppers.
<------ Scroll down to see more toppers on left side.

Wick Dippers
(picture below toppers)
These Real Copper Wick Dippers are
handmade (by husband) using recycled copper wire.

Extinguishes your candle smoke free.
Keeps the wick moist so it does
not become brittle.

1.Use the "L" shaped end to push the
burning wick into the melted pool of wax.

Wick Dipper
                This will extinguish the flame.

2.Use the "L" shaped end to pull the dipped
wick out of the wax and back into the
 upright position, ready to be lit again.

Add these with a candle
 to make a great gift set!

100% Organic Cotton
hand knit washcloth

           Price $2.00 each

100% Organic Cotton
Hand Knitt Wash Cloths

Beautifully made wash cloths are lovingly knit by my mom! They are incredably soft!

Together with my homemade soap this is a
perfect gift set!

                           Price: $10.00 each