Shower Favors

Mike & Katie's Wedding Favors
This beach themed candle had Seaside scent and a shell on the top.
These small Earth Friendly votive candles are an elegant and customized way to say thank you to your guest, weather it is a wedding, baby shower, birthday, anniversary, reunion or celebration of any kind.

There are 2 ways to order your favors....

Option 1. Kick back and relax, leave it all up to me.  We will be in touch about the details of the party for the image and wording on the candle. 
I will take care of:
The designing and ordering of the votive candles 
Fill them with 100% Soy wax  
A scent that fits the party perfectly. 
Wrapping in tool
 Accent (such as shell).

        $3.25 per favor, for clear votive with engraving
(Prices vary per custom order, this price reflects an order for 136 favors)
          *Cobalt Blue shot glasses shown $3.75 per favor.

Option 2. You design and order the votive. I use  Deliver them to me and then I will:
 Fill them with 100% soy wax
 A scent that fits the party perfectly
 Wrapping in tool, 
 Accent (such as shell)

    $2.00 per favor

Contact Kerryanne Cummins for more information @